The Definitive Leggings

Tights best known as Leggings are fit typed garments that have the silhouette of pants or stockings that can be used by men or women. According to Wikipedia, Leggings before are worn two separate garments. Imagine 2 long socks that reach our thigh level.

There are many materials that composes a leggings, they can either be a spandex which is now popularly labeled as lycra fabric, some uses neon nylon, soft plain cotton, printed cotton, thick cotton, half cotton and half polyester, wool, silk, stretched leatherettes, lace, leathers, metallic fabric with stretch, furs, real leathers, glitters, nets, see thru nets, see thru nets with prints, foil like fabric and all other materials. Lace leggings are among my favorites.

They also have variety of length and silhouettes; some want it up to covering their toes, some up to their ankle, and some like it worn as cropped pants so it is somewhere 5 to 6 inches above the ankle. Others like it short like 2 to 3 inches below the knee level, on the knee level, 2-3 inches above knee level.

It depends on how people base on their fashion style uses their leggings. Some likes to fully expose their leggings and just wear a top with it, in Asia especially to Korean teenage girls they like to put their leggings below their skirt just like an anime girl. Lace leggings are popular to ladies who are into the sweet and classic styles. On some high fashion countries were they make trends they like wearing their legging underneath their short shorts, these are the leggings that are made from nets, see thru nets, printed nets leggings, some leggings are also styled as torn to add the ragged effect. Here is an example from Forever21 of how they wear leggings to look ragged.

leggings 1

Nowadays leggings has variety of functions, it can be used in cold countries as tights with materials made of fur or thick cotton to keep their legs warm, or they use it as a second layer of pants to protect them from the cold weather. Some uses them as gym clothes to protect them form chafing during exercising, gone are the days where sweat pants are used to work out. Who said that going to gym needs not be fashionable? Of course you need to be fashionable when you work out, it adds up self-confidence and that sexy feeling.

leggings 2

There are many leggings that are available in the market now, but of course we don’t have that much of a time to open each sites of each fashion brands to find for the perfect leggings. Nor do we have the time to spend a whole day on the mall visiting each shop to find the perfect pair. Luckily for us, today there are so many applications or sites that help saves effort and time like using Resultly app, they offer variety of merchandises and styles from all different stores in just one click. How awesome is that!