City Livin’ in that Velvet Dress

My city is full of life, bipolar weather, and originality. I say that because while I don’t know where the term hipster began, or where the trend started, but to be about as counter culture as your parents would hope for is about where we stand here. It’s a lot about bringing styles, clothes, materials, colors, objects, and accessories back from the days and ages when we were either too young to care or too dumb to realize they were ugly. So yes ladies, chokers, overalls, platform shoes, and the velvet dress are back. Get ready for it!

If you haven’t yet pictured what this hipster looks like by now, take this picture as a proof. While you could rock all of those described above in one outfit, I forsee the overalls and the dress getting a little uneasy. So, interchange the dress with the overalls and a top and here’s my favorite hipster outfit:

velvet dress

What makes this outfit so unique and fab you ask? Well aside from all of the other hipsters wearing the exact same thing, velvet dresses are really on point right now. We haven’t messed with velvet for a quite a few years now, and there’s next to nothing that will make you feel quite as bad-ass chic. And yes, that’s a phrase.

Next up we have the choker. While I may have not worn a choker since the 6th grade, they’re back and they’re bad. Kylie Jenner was the first to introduce me back into the choker era and slowly but surely my friends and foes attempted the look. While I tried to ignore it and call it ugly, as I’m writing this post I realize how great it really was. And, come to think of it, I may have been the one to bring it back! Yes i know, how hipster of me, but take a look through my Facebook photos at Country Thunder and you’ll see who got the craze going again.

Last but not least, our girl’s got the platform boots on. Now, Dr. Marten’s are IN. And when I say in, I mean just about every girl in the city who thinks she’s cooler than she is owns a pair, or three. While they’re incredibly uncomfortable to break in, I’m told the blisters and bloody stains inside are well worth the pain once you see how great you look and feel wearing them.

Where to find these fab finds I mentioned:

Velvet Dress:
Dr. Martens: