Liquid Leggings How To

Liquid leggings, it is time to get in on this hot trend! Yes, thats right ladies you can wear liquid leggings! You’ve seen celebs wear them, well now it is your turn. They may look like they are hard to wear, but that is far from the fact. I’m going to how you how to wear liquid leggings. Not only are they super comfy like traditional leggings, they look really cool when you wear them. No joke, when ever I wear mine I always receive compliments.

Before we get into how to style them, first you need to buy a pair of liquid leggings. I have been obsessed with the Resultly app. It is a great place for online shopping addicts like me. Below is my search link on Resultly. It brings up a ton of different liquid leggings options from tons of stores. Click the link below!

Now that we know where we can buy liquid leggings, lets learn how to wear them in everyday life!

Liquid leggings with boots

Liquid leggingsA simple way to wear liquid leggings is by paring them with a cute pair of black boots! Nordstrom has a huge selection. Check them out below!
I’m also just loving this entire outfit! The huge fur coat really makes the outfit. This is the perfect look for fall and winter as the weather starts to get colder.

Liquid leggings with blazer

liquid leggings

For a very put together vibe, you can wear liquid leggings with a chic blazer. This is super a super cool look. Add some metallic oxfords and you really one great style. I love how she accessorized with a few large bangles.  The large leather bag is also nice touch. Seriously, I’m just obsessed with this entire look. LOVE IT!

Liquid leggings with denim shirt
liquid leggings

The third way to wear liquid leggings is with a denim button up shirt! This will add a casual touch to your look! I am really into how she styled herself. Those black booties are killer and she has her hair game on point. You can totally add a few more accessories to this look, although I’m loving how she really showcases those  liquid leggings. If you are looking for black booties, Steve Maddon has a large selction.

Well there you have it! Three ways to wear liquid leggings. I’m so excited to wear mine, you don’t even know!