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Wishing for Jimmy Choo Lace Flats to Santa


My husband has always admired a woman wearing two or three-inch heels, who manages to carry her bag in one hand and chats away on her mobile phone while still maintaining the walk of a beauty queen on those shoes. He said that they earn his respect because they always need to find their balance while walking.

I admire them too because I am not a fan of those types of shoes. I love walking in my flats. I can run, jump and probably do a cartwheel if I want to without worrying if the heel will get stuck on a manhole or the sewer bar.

Don’t get me wrong, I am your typical woman and just like any woman you and I know, shoes are our best friends (next to diamond of course) so my husband does not utter a word when I bring home a new pair of shoes. What he would do is make a space for my new purchase.

Please do not raise your eyebrows; I am guilty of owning a pair of inch-high shoes. I rarely and I mean rarely use them.

A few weeks back, I met up with a friend and immediately notice her Jimmy Choo black lace flats. She said that it has been her best buy ever with the holiday season nearing and work gets hectic everyday. The lace flats have given her comfort on her feet without sacrificing her style.

We parted ways and since I still had time, I did a little bit of window-shopping. As if my friend has influenced me, I have been looking at lace flats all over the mall’s shoe section. I saw pairs and pairs of flats in royal blue, black, gray, off-white and nude.

I just wanted to grab and buy them all. My affair with the lace flats was short-lived because I saw my husband and hurriedly went to him.

Determined to buy myself a pair, I browsed through the web and found some great lace flats on my Resultly app. They have the Sam Edelman Felicia lace flat that is perfect for date nights. Another is the Kate Spade lace flat can be used when you want to wear that little black dress for a power meeting but knows you also have a scheduled play-date right after work. The shoes will not wear you out while you present to the bigwigs of your company and those feet will be ready for playtime with your kid.

If you want to have a more dressed down lace flat, also offers a wide array of lace flats to choose from.  Here is a ballet flat I found on Amazon:

lace ballet flat from Amazon

I still have flashbacks of my friend’s Jimmy Choo lace flats. Maybe I will just wait and see if there will be a better design coming soon or I can just whisper to Santa and maybe, just maybe he will buy it for me.

My New Fave: The Asymmetrical Skirt


What is it about asymmetry that’s so appealing? Most people are attracted to symmetry. Symmetrical faces, symmetrical objects, things that make sense. But, when it comes to fashion I love clothes that don’t make too much sense. You have to really rock a style, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at the time. Many traditional styles are very symmetrical, but in order to change things up you need this asymmetry to make things look interesting; to make a statement. One of my latest obsessions has been the asymmetrical skirt. I love how it brings about a sort of sexiness to it without over doing it. It doesn’t show too much skin (except for the asymmetrical mini skirts). The asymmetric skirt is very similar to a maxi or dress with a slit in the middle or side. However, those seem to have a straight cut at the bottom of the dress. Whereas the asymmetrical skirt has a completely entire design; its as if it has had cuts all over the skirt. The reason most asymmetry works is because it looks intentional. For the asymmetrical skirt all the cuts are intentional. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen too many asymmetrical skirts in stores. So, the first time I saw it was on Kylie Jenner. I love how she wears it here:


I love that this is sort of a play off of the high-low skirt. In this case the skirt is longer on the side, and then cut in a few angles in the front. Even after seeing many celebrities wear this sort of high-low asymmetric skirt I haven’t been able to find any. I’ve seen a lot of asymmetric mini skirts, but the lengthier ones are difficult to find. Here’s one that I found by Alexander McQueen:

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.50.50 PM

This one is of course very pricy because its by McQueen, but I’m actually not so keen to the style. I love how its asymmetrical, but I like the sharper cut asymmetrical skirts. This one is nice, but I’m not inclined to buy it. As far as other skirts similar to the one Kylie is wearing, I haven’t had any luck. I found really cute mini asymmetric skirts though! There have actually been quite a few from Forever 21. Here’s a cute seashell pink faux leather mini skirt that’s super cute:

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.44.58 PM

I love the faux leather skirts in general. This ballet slipper pink one is a little different because of the color. Most leather skirts are black, which is my go-to, but I like to add some color as well. I like how this one is asymmetric, but it almost seems as if one layer is wrapping over the bottom one.

The asymmetric skirt is perfect for a night out or if you find a longer one you can even wear it to some sort of event or function. I prefer the high waisted asymmetric skirts because they make the entire body look slimmer and if its a mini skirt, it doesn’t appear as short. I love pairing a high waisted skirt with a body suit or crop top.

A great place to shop for asymmetrical skirts is Resultly. Check out their search here.

Liquid Leggings How To


Liquid leggings, it is time to get in on this hot trend! Yes, thats right ladies you can wear liquid leggings! You’ve seen celebs wear them, well now it is your turn. They may look like they are hard to wear, but that is far from the fact. I’m going to how you how to wear liquid leggings. Not only are they super comfy like traditional leggings, they look really cool when you wear them. No joke, when ever I wear mine I always receive compliments.

Before we get into how to style them, first you need to buy a pair of liquid leggings. I have been obsessed with the Resultly app. It is a great place for online shopping addicts like me. Below is my search link on Resultly. It brings up a ton of different liquid leggings options from tons of stores. Click the link below!

Now that we know where we can buy liquid leggings, lets learn how to wear them in everyday life!

Liquid leggings with boots

Liquid leggingsA simple way to wear liquid leggings is by paring them with a cute pair of black boots! Nordstrom has a huge selection. Check them out below!
I’m also just loving this entire outfit! The huge fur coat really makes the outfit. This is the perfect look for fall and winter as the weather starts to get colder.

Liquid leggings with blazer

liquid leggings

For a very put together vibe, you can wear liquid leggings with a chic blazer. This is super a super cool look. Add some metallic oxfords and you really one great style. I love how she accessorized with a few large bangles.  The large leather bag is also nice touch. Seriously, I’m just obsessed with this entire look. LOVE IT!

Liquid leggings with denim shirt
liquid leggings

The third way to wear liquid leggings is with a denim button up shirt! This will add a casual touch to your look! I am really into how she styled herself. Those black booties are killer and she has her hair game on point. You can totally add a few more accessories to this look, although I’m loving how she really showcases those  liquid leggings. If you are looking for black booties, Steve Maddon has a large selction.

Well there you have it! Three ways to wear liquid leggings. I’m so excited to wear mine, you don’t even know!

City Livin’ in that Velvet Dress


My city is full of life, bipolar weather, and originality. I say that because while I don’t know where the term hipster began, or where the trend started, but to be about as counter culture as your parents would hope for is about where we stand here. It’s a lot about bringing styles, clothes, materials, colors, objects, and accessories back from the days and ages when we were either too young to care or too dumb to realize they were ugly. So yes ladies, chokers, overalls, platform shoes, and the velvet dress are back. Get ready for it!

If you haven’t yet pictured what this hipster looks like by now, take this picture as a proof. While you could rock all of those described above in one outfit, I forsee the overalls and the dress getting a little uneasy. So, interchange the dress with the overalls and a top and here’s my favorite hipster outfit:

velvet dress

What makes this outfit so unique and fab you ask? Well aside from all of the other hipsters wearing the exact same thing, velvet dresses are really on point right now. We haven’t messed with velvet for a quite a few years now, and there’s next to nothing that will make you feel quite as bad-ass chic. And yes, that’s a phrase.

Next up we have the choker. While I may have not worn a choker since the 6th grade, they’re back and they’re bad. Kylie Jenner was the first to introduce me back into the choker era and slowly but surely my friends and foes attempted the look. While I tried to ignore it and call it ugly, as I’m writing this post I realize how great it really was. And, come to think of it, I may have been the one to bring it back! Yes i know, how hipster of me, but take a look through my Facebook photos at Country Thunder and you’ll see who got the craze going again.

Last but not least, our girl’s got the platform boots on. Now, Dr. Marten’s are IN. And when I say in, I mean just about every girl in the city who thinks she’s cooler than she is owns a pair, or three. While they’re incredibly uncomfortable to break in, I’m told the blisters and bloody stains inside are well worth the pain once you see how great you look and feel wearing them.

Where to find these fab finds I mentioned:

Velvet Dress:
Dr. Martens: 


The Definitive Leggings


Tights best known as Leggings are fit typed garments that have the silhouette of pants or stockings that can be used by men or women. According to Wikipedia, Leggings before are worn two separate garments. Imagine 2 long socks that reach our thigh level.

There are many materials that composes a leggings, they can either be a spandex which is now popularly labeled as lycra fabric, some uses neon nylon, soft plain cotton, printed cotton, thick cotton, half cotton and half polyester, wool, silk, stretched leatherettes, lace, leathers, metallic fabric with stretch, furs, real leathers, glitters, nets, see thru nets, see thru nets with prints, foil like fabric and all other materials. Lace leggings are among my favorites.

They also have variety of length and silhouettes; some want it up to covering their toes, some up to their ankle, and some like it worn as cropped pants so it is somewhere 5 to 6 inches above the ankle. Others like it short like 2 to 3 inches below the knee level, on the knee level, 2-3 inches above knee level.

It depends on how people base on their fashion style uses their leggings. Some likes to fully expose their leggings and just wear a top with it, in Asia especially to Korean teenage girls they like to put their leggings below their skirt just like an anime girl. Lace leggings are popular to ladies who are into the sweet and classic styles. On some high fashion countries were they make trends they like wearing their legging underneath their short shorts, these are the leggings that are made from nets, see thru nets, printed nets leggings, some leggings are also styled as torn to add the ragged effect. Here is an example from Forever21 of how they wear leggings to look ragged.

leggings 1

Nowadays leggings has variety of functions, it can be used in cold countries as tights with materials made of fur or thick cotton to keep their legs warm, or they use it as a second layer of pants to protect them from the cold weather. Some uses them as gym clothes to protect them form chafing during exercising, gone are the days where sweat pants are used to work out. Who said that going to gym needs not be fashionable? Of course you need to be fashionable when you work out, it adds up self-confidence and that sexy feeling.

leggings 2

There are many leggings that are available in the market now, but of course we don’t have that much of a time to open each sites of each fashion brands to find for the perfect leggings. Nor do we have the time to spend a whole day on the mall visiting each shop to find the perfect pair. Luckily for us, today there are so many applications or sites that help saves effort and time like using Resultly app, they offer variety of merchandises and styles from all different stores in just one click. How awesome is that!

My Mesh Dress


I finally caved on this whole mesh dress trend. I have been avoiding it, hoping that it would fade away, but for some reason mesh seems to be here to stay, so I decided to get on board. Turns out I don’t hate. In fact, I’m actually ready to embrace this trend.

Actually, I found this great shopping app, that helped me find a ton of super cute mesh dress options! All I had to do was download the Resultly app and simply type in “mesh dress” then I was given a ton of mesh dresses to pick from! Below is the dress I ended up picking.

My mesh dress

mesh dress

Yes, I know it is super sexy! It is from Akira and I love it. I think that this dress is a really great example of the mesh trend. It is for sure sexy as I said before, but it doesn’t look trashy. Clearly this dress is not for someone who is well endowed, then it might take a trashy turn, but if you have a small bust you can totally get away with it. I also really like that the length of this mesh dress hits just above the knee. So yes, you are showing some leg, but since the is so open around the bust, it is not to over the top.

When I wore this dress I wore my hair up to really show off the mesh parts of the dress! I also went with a bright red lip. Instyle was really helpful for choosing my perfect red lipstick.

I kept the rest of my look pretty simple. I don’t like going to over the top, and since this dress makes a big statement there was no need to add much more. I wore pretty pair of simple stud earrings and a thick bangle bracelet, similar to the one pictured, however I kept all of my jewelry in the silver family.  I’m just not a big fan of gold.

For my shoes, I just kept it simple with some black strappy heels. However, I think nude shoes would also look really good with this mesh dress. I also used a patent leather black clutch. You could totally add a clutch with a little more pop if you want, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

So there you have it, that was my mesh dress look! I got so many compliments when I wore it out. I am a fan of this trend and I hope it stays around for a while.