Wishing for Jimmy Choo Lace Flats to Santa


My husband has always admired a woman wearing two or three-inch heels, who manages to carry her bag in one hand and chats away on her mobile phone while still maintaining the walk of a beauty queen on those shoes. He said that they earn his respect because they always need to find their balance while walking.

I admire them too because I am not a fan of those types of shoes. I love walking in my flats. I can run, jump and probably do a cartwheel if I want to without worrying if the heel will get stuck on a manhole or the sewer bar.

Don’t get me wrong, I am your typical woman and just like any woman you and I know, shoes are our best friends (next to diamond of course) so my husband does not utter a word when I bring home a new pair of shoes. What he would do is make a space for my new purchase.

Please do not raise your eyebrows; I am guilty of owning a pair of inch-high shoes. I rarely and I mean rarely use them.

A few weeks back, I met up with a friend and immediately notice her Jimmy Choo black lace flats. She said that it has been her best buy ever with the holiday season nearing and work gets hectic everyday. The lace flats have given her comfort on her feet without sacrificing her style.

We parted ways and since I still had time, I did a little bit of window-shopping. As if my friend has influenced me, I have been looking at lace flats all over the mall’s shoe section. I saw pairs and pairs of flats in royal blue, black, gray, off-white and nude.

I just wanted to grab and buy them all. My affair with the lace flats was short-lived because I saw my husband and hurriedly went to him.

Determined to buy myself a pair, I browsed through the web and found some great lace flats on my Resultly app. They have the Sam Edelman Felicia lace flat that is perfect for date nights. Another is the Kate Spade lace flat can be used when you want to wear that little black dress for a power meeting but knows you also have a scheduled play-date right after work. The shoes will not wear you out while you present to the bigwigs of your company and those feet will be ready for playtime with your kid.

If you want to have a more dressed down lace flat, also offers a wide array of lace flats to choose from.  Here is a ballet flat I found on Amazon:

lace ballet flat from Amazon

I still have flashbacks of my friend’s Jimmy Choo lace flats. Maybe I will just wait and see if there will be a better design coming soon or I can just whisper to Santa and maybe, just maybe he will buy it for me.